Pit Bull Health Problems

Concerning pit bull health problems, there are many potential ailments that can arise unexpectedly. The results can be both emotionally overwhelming and costly if they are not dealt with swiftly and effectively. While being prepared for your pit bull having health problems is necessary, learning what you can do to avoid them is the best course of action to keep your pit bull healthy and happy.


Potential Pit Bull Health Problems

Pit bulls, like other breeds as well as humans, can suffer from any number of health issues. The difference is they cannot communicate and tell us what is bothering them. They will often suffer in silence until the pain becomes overwhelming. In the case of pit bulls, they have an extreme tolerance for pain so suffering silently and longer than other breeds can cause your pit bull health problems to become far more serious. It is important to recognize your pit bull’s symptoms early to avoid these issues from escalating.


Infections – Pit bulls can suffer from many potential infections – on their skin, in their teeth or eyes, in their ears etc. Ear infections are very common and are often due to a foreign body or bacteria making its way inside. Check your pit bulls ears often for swelling, excess moisture, or dirt or discoloration. Pit bull ear cropping may be necessary. Infections can be prevented with routine hygiene and maintenance. Wash your pit bull regularly as well as brushing their teeth and hair to avoid any potential bacteria growth and minimizing your dealings with skin related pit bull health problems.


Allergies – There are dozens of allergies your pit bull can get. Allergies from fleas are extremely common especially from heavy exposure to wooded areas.  Regular checkups at the vet will help immensely as well as taking any flea medication they may recommend. Always look your pit bull over especially after outdoor exposure. Brushing your Pit’s hair is a great preventative measure as well as checking its eyes, nose, ears skin etc.


Diabetes – Unfortunately, pit bull health problems such as diabetes are not only exclusive to humans. . Rich foods that are in excess of fat and sugar can lead to problems with your pit bull’s pancreas which may then bring on the onset of diabetes. A pit bull diet should consist of healthy dog foods that are appropriate for your pit bull’s size, age and weight.  Although tempting, pit bulls should not eat table food, they should eat pit bull food. If you must, keep the table food down to a minimum. It can be difficult saying no while they sit there whining and begging but just try to keep in mind that it is the best thing for them.


Hip Dysplasia – This occurs in pit bulls as well as other breeds when the leg bone and the hip bone don’t fit together as well as they should. This leads to joint pain and arthritis. Several factors can contribute to pit bull hip dysplasia. Making sure you get your pit bull puppy from a certified breeder who submits x-rays to the appropriate agencies will vastly reduce the occurrence of pit bull hip dysplasia. Hip Dysplasia can not only be blamed on genetics. It’s our responsibility to minimize our pit bull health problems and be sure that our dog food is of a healthy nature in order to maintain a healthy weight.


Obesity – Pit bulls are strong, active and muscular and when they are hungry, they are hungry! Making the right to choice to not over feed or table feed your pit bull will be the greatest step in avoiding one of the largest pit bull health problems – obesity. Obesity among dogs is a common health problem because it is very easy to achieve. Inappropriate feeding and lack of exercise will easily do the trick. Obesity can lead to higher rates of heart disease, liver disease, tumors and eventually death. Give your Pit the appropriate pit bull food along with minimal table food and exercise and obesity can easily be avoided.


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