Pit Bull Rash

A pit bull developing a rash on their skin occurs for several reasons. There appears to be more complaints about Blue Nose Pit Bulls being more susceptible to a rash than Pits of other colors. There is no scientific evidence stating Blue Pit bulls develop more skin conditions than other pit bulls, but owners seem to suggest that they feel its due to the lighter colors associated with Blue Pits.

Common Culprits

If you observe your pit bull developing a rash try and eliminate some of the common causes that may trigger the onset. Pay attention especially after something new has been introduced. Perhaps a new or existing shampoo is causing dryness. Certain pet shampoos may have worked fine but when the skin is more susceptible to drying like during winter, a moisturizing shampoo may be needed. Additionally you should apply a  moisturizer to your pit bull’s skin & coat. Be sure to try them separately to decipher if either are causing a reaction.

Elements around the Home

Cleaners and chemicals around the home can cause a pit bull to develop a rash especially if you have a Pit that’s typically sensitive. Think about where your pit bull spends time and if there is anything there that can be affecting him. Be aware of things such as floor cleaners, carpet and upholstery cleaners, air and fabric fresheners than can all affect your pit bull. Any medication, supplements, dog food or perhaps table food can all cause a pit bull to develop a rash.


Depending on the time of year, airborne allergies can be the cause of your pit bull’s rash. If you determine this to be the case you would unfortunately have to limit outside activity. Air circulating inside the home by way of air conditioning or a dehumidifier can be helpful. You can try an air purifier also. It’s also possible that it may not be an airborne allergen causing the problem. It could be possible that specific types of plants or trees growing at that time of the year are the cause when your pit bull may be spending time in or near them. Different types of insects may inhabit the area at different times also which can be the offender. It can be difficult trying to eliminate the potential threats one by one but the hard work now can pay off later with years of rash free skin.

Sensitive Areas

Some male pit bulls may develop a rash on their testicles. This is not uncommon as they roam throw grass and weeded areas. For instant relief it’s good to have a cortisone spray on hand. There are also other options such as creams, salmon oils or food supplements that will help relieve the discomfort through proper diet.

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