Pit Bull Skin Problems

Many pit bull owners have complained of frequent skin problems that occur more so in pit bulls than numerous other breeds. Several complaints range from itching, scratching, hives, rashes and inflammation. Below we have listed some of the most common issues that can be the cause of your pit bull’s skin problems. If you would like something to immediately treat the condition before getting to the root of the problem you can find some remedies here: Pit bull Skin problems and solutions.

Allergies – It can be difficult to assess what allergy is causing your pit bull to develop skin problems. Airborne allergens can affect your pit bull just as it affects us. If its allergy season and you see your pit bull scratching has increased, you can try to limit outdoor activity until pollen counts have gone down. If it’s warm out, keep the air conditioning running and if not, try to run a dehumidifier. Do your best to keep dust in the home at a minimum. If the itching and scratching persists worsening the condition, a trip to the vet will be necessary.

Environmental Changes – Take notice if you have seen the frequency of your pit bull licking or scratching change, especially in seasons typically not known as allergy season. It can be due to a recent change in the home such as a new dog food or possible table food, new shampoos, different medications, supplements, plants or flowers. This can possibly be a good thing if you can narrow down the culprit. Hopefully you can eliminate the cause and minimize any future skin problems. Allergy treatments for dogs can be tricky.

Genetics – A pit bull’s hair is short and thick can easily become dry or cracked. This will irritate your pit bull and lead to scratching which can invite parasites and cause infections. You may have to change soaps several times to find one that won’t dry your pit bull’s skin so much. Skin softeners are also recommended but test in a small area first to be sure it doesn’t worsen the condition.

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