Red Nose Pit bulls

The Red Nose Pit bull along with the Blue Nose Pit bull are among the very popular of pit bull ‘types’ people seek to own today. It is in fact just that, a type. The red nose pit bull is not a rare breed or anything of the sort. They are pit bulls all the same with a different pigment in their nose that many people are attracted to.

History of the Red Nose Pit bull

Just less than two centuries ago, Dog Fighting was all the range in Ireland and dogs that could fight well were worth a small fortune in stud fees and much of the breeding took place within very small gene pools. The strain of dogs which was bred to fight was known as ‘Old Family Dogs’, and due to selective breeding they managed to retain a fairly red color due to this repeat breeding. After a number of years through this selective breeding the dog remained red throughout, this includes their toenails.

The ‘Bloodline’ was virtually eradicated when any red nose pit bull was banned from being registered as an American Staffordshire Terrier. This is because the American Kennel Club did not agree with dog fighting, and the red nose had been synonymous with this for a number of years. You should remember that the goal of the original breeders wasn’t to create a red dog, it was simply to create a dog that was a fantastic fighter, and the red was merely a side effect of this breeding program.

Nowadays it is very rare to find red nose pit bulls that have descended from the original ‘Old Family’ line, although many breeders do claim that they are working with them. This has meant that the gene pool has become slightly wider, and thus you are not going to be subject to the genetic deformities which held the dogs back in the past due to their selective breeding i.e. skin complaints and temperament issues. It is also worth remembering that since most red nose pit bulls are far removed from the original fighting line, they don’t have the same temperament which made them great fighting dogs, and thus you shouldn’t worry about the ‘aggressiveness’ that many people claim that they do possess, in fact, most of this type are fairly ‘docile’ animals.

Difference Among Pit bulls

The color is the only real difference between red nose pit bulls and any other type of pit bull. They are not any more aggressive or better attack dogs than any other dog bred for that nature. Just as humans have different pigments to differentiate themselves, our pit bull friends do also.

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